Saturday, February 18, 2006

when nightmares come true

One day after bringing Knox home from the hospital we had to head back to the ER because he had two brief episodes of his lips turning blue. So after having some tests run in the ER we were admitted to the Hospital in Greenwood. We stayed up all night on Sunday and napped a little on Monday. There were a couple more episodes on Monday. On Monday evening the Doc came in and began talking about things such as seizures and heart issues and what-not. This scared us to death as we assumed it was reflux. Thankfully the Doctor suggested we head to Jackson so we can see some specialists. So at around 11 pm on Monday evening we headed to Children's Hospital in Jackson. We arrived at 1 am Tuesday morning and have slept only for a couple of hours at a time since then.

The Good News

So far all tests (cultures, cranial ultrasound, EKG and CT scan) have come back negative...which is positive...go figure. The only thing they have seen that could have contributed to these episodes are a Grade 1 hemorrhage in his brain. This is common for infants who during birth, travel through the birth canal. We are told this will most likely have no long-term effects. Tomorrow he will have an EEG but that should be it. Having found no infection and nothing wrong with brain developement or heart performance they are calling this Apnea. They expect he will grow out of it in the next six months if that is the case. Also he has not had another episode of apnea since yesterday at 10 am so we are going on 36 hours of good breathing. It has been a nightmare. But the truth of the gospel of grace, sovereign grace sustains us. We hurt and are tired and feel fairly bent but we are not broken. We fully beleive that God is faithful and worthy of all praise and glory even when his hands gives us suffering. We have greatly enjoyed the love and support of ourhome church and friends throughout the country. We have had people travel for two hours back and forth from Greenwood. Grandparents have done yeomans work as far as watching Emaa Caroline while her Mama and Dada and Baby Knox are in the hospital. It is good to be a part of the family of God. How others survive without knowing that friends who share a love for Jesus are lifting prayers to a Sovereign God...I just do not see how they can survive. They are a soft place to fall and for that we are thankful and give God all the glory.

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