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Messages From Advace 09

Here are the messages from Advance 09. If the ones you are wanting are not here yet, just wait, they are coming.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

First Post in 3 Months

10 Reasons Why I Love Wichita In No Particular Order

1. MEBC - The church I serve, full of people I love.

2. The weather... the other day it was 93 with a heat index of 90. Awesome.

3. Bella Luna - the best Hummus I have ever had.

4. QT - imagine a clean convenience store... no really.

5. Mead's Corner - Unreal good coffee, gelato and phenomenal service.

6. College Hill - The coolest neighborhood in the ICT.

7. 8th Day Books - The coolest bookstore ever with the largest collection of books of the works of the Church Fathers west of the Mississippi.

8. Freddy's - It's like an addiction my family has fallen into.

9. The Keeper of the Plains - A piece of art by one of my people for my people. ;-)

10. Thai Tradition - The best Pad Thai I have ever had.