Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Challies' review of Mclaren's Latest

Tim Challies holds nothing back in evaluating Everything Must Change. The following is the final paragrapg from his review...

"It seems increasingly clear that the new kind of Christian McLaren seeks is no kind of Christian at all. The church on the other side of his reinvention is a church devoid of the glorious gospel of Christ’s atoning death. It is a church utterly stripped of its power because it is a church stripped of the gospel message. McLaren’s new gospel is a social gospel, a liberal gospel and, in fact, no gospel at all. This Emerging Church has managed to do something remarkable—it has emerged into something the church has already seen, has already wrestled with, and has already defeated. The Emerging Church has gone suicidal."

Thoughts on Worship, Part 3

The Scene: The year is 5 AD and we find oursleves in the Temple on a lovely Saturday morning just as the Psalm leader steps into view...

Psalm Leader: Please sing Psalm 136.

Circumcised man #1: (frustratingly) Oh no! Not that one!

Circumcised man #2: What, you don't like this one? Is it too long?

Circumcised man #1: No, no...that isn't it. This is one of those newer Psalms, I think.

Circumcised man #2: Why are you getting so worked up (laughs at the pun) about a new Psalm?

Circumcised man #1: Well, this is one of those, what I like to call, "6x26" Psalms. (Smiling at his own wit) You get it, you sing the same 6 words, over and over, 26 times!

Circumcised man # 2: What is so bad about that?

Circumcised man #1: It is so mindnumbingly simple, What is deep and profouond about singing, 'for his steadfast love endures forever' over and over and over again?

Circumcised man #2: I don't know...I kinda like it. I can always remember the words! I think its kinda cool actually.

Circumcised man #1: You would.

Finally, A Shoe for My People

Finally...After all I am 1/16th Cherokee.

Don't laugh! I qualify to be member of the Cherokee nation.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Bible Software Just Got Better

From Logos:

Since 1980 John Piper has labored in the ministry of preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church under the conviction that “People are starving for the greatness of God.” More than success, or riches, or esteem, or sex, or family, or sport, the glory of God satisfies the yearnings of our souls and sustains us in all our joys and pains.

John Piper’s goal in preaching is to proclaim God’s glory which shines forth “in the gospel of the glory of Christ” (2 Cor 4:4). The glory of God is vital for our lives and for the life of the church. So come, join John Piper as he exults in God through the exposition of the biblical text, and taste and see that the Lord is good.

One of today's preeminent preachers tackles current issues like terrorism, abortion and racial harmony as well as classic topics like baptism, biblical leadership and humility. With these manuscripts you can study whichever topic you prefer at your own pace. With the Logos Bible Software edition you can go deep into each subject or simply read John Piper's text. Either way, you are sure to find a gold mine of quality teaching.

Additional Information:
1,125 John Piper sermon manuscripts - That's more than 27 years of insight!
Free regular updates of future John Piper sermon manuscripts
Features a specialized Home Page that helps you search this massive collection
Also includes the Holy Bible, English Standard Version™

Benefits of the Logos Bible Software Edition:
Logos Bible Software and the John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library were truly a match made in heaven. Search every sermon for any topic you can think of in only seconds. View each sermon side-by-side with the trusted English Standard Version. Studying a specific verse? Find out what John Piper has said about that verse by doing a simple search through your collection. For fans of John Piper, this is the next best thing to being at Bethlehem Baptist Church each week!

The John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library incorporates seamlessly into your existing Logos digital library or it works great as a stand-alone product if you're new to Logos.

As mentioned above, you'll receive free updates of future Piper sermons. If your computer is connected to the internet you will be able to painlessly download these additional sermons in a matter of minutes.

Emergent Pyromania!

The Pyromaniacs get all heated up about two different gospels...and rightfully so.

Tim Celebrates 5

Thanks to Tim Challies for 5 great years of blogging!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Felicity Margaret Piper

John Piper posts about his granddaughter, who was due to be born this week--and was delivered stillborn on Saturday night at 11:54 PM.

Felicity is the daughter of Abraham and Molly Piper. Abraham works as the Web Content Manager of Desiring God. I am very thankful for the work Abraham does at DG.

Please pray for them during this difficult time.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Coming Interview with Piper on Wright

From Desiring God Blog:

In preparation for John Piper's forthcoming book The Future of Justification: A Response to N. T. Wright, we will be posting audio excerpts (with transcripts) from an interview he did with Bob Allen. He will answer 7 questions:

Who is this book for?

Who is N. T. Wright?

What do you believe about justification?

How is Wright's view of justification different than yours?

What's the problem with Wright's view of imputation?

What damage could Wright's view cause the church?

Where are you trying to keep the doctrine of justification from going?

Beginning on Monday, we will post a new question and answer every few days until the book's release in late October.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Photo Tour of Justin Taylor at Work and Crossway Books

I am a huge fan of blogger, Justin Taylor. There are no days on which I do not visit his blog for a least a few moments. Well, here is a photo tour of his office and Crossway books.

Challies on McLaren's Emerging Gospel

"It seems clear to me that Everything Must Change is another step down the steep path that leads farther and farther away from biblical orthodoxy. McLaren seems to be fully aware of the path he is taking and of the crowd he is taking with him. I fear for them all. It seems increasingly clear to me that the new kind of Christian is starting to resemble no kind of Christian at all…"

Here for more.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mohler on the Reading of Books

Here are "Some Thoughts on the Reading of Books" from Al Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Posts "On Being a MIssional Church"

Here are some helpful links from Said at Southern on what the idea of being a "missional" church. I for one am tired of the term and have not found it helpful. But the links above will at least help you think about this trend (trendy?) term/idea/passion.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday 9-11

Over at the Desiring God Blog there are some articles that will help you think about 9-11 biblically and Christocentrically.

My favorite is this one about Lisa Beamer and her faith in a Sovereign God in the midst of such a tragedy which is still happening for her.

The following videos are not posted so we will "not forget" what happened to "us" on 9-11. I am posting them so we will not forget that there is terrible suffering in this world and these should be a sermon crying out that our sin is heinous. We should not forget that God was sovereign over all the pain, all the hurt, all the death, all the sin. He was sovereignly reigning over every brick, every beam, every terrorist and every piece of dust landing on the heads of those who escaped. It is good for us to imagine and meditate on the horror of that day...the videos of people choosing to jump to thir deaths I will never forget. Why is it good? Those horrors are nothing compared to the horrors of hell, which will be expereinced by those who have not believed the gospel. We should long to see that people are saved from that horror and be thankful we have been.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Challies' Review of Dever's "What Is A healthy Church?"

Time Challies has a review of Mark Dever's What Is A Healthy Church.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A Little Sports

Even though I live only a few hours from New Orleans, I have never liked the Saints. However, I love the Colts and have for years. I told my wife that I would only be happy if the Colts beat the Saints by 4 touchdowns. I went to bed 3 points happier than I hoped for.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Did Moses Marry a Black Woman?


How to Help Your Kids Not Waste Their Lives

This Sunday I will be teaching a Sunday School class made up of singles, young couples and young families. The leaders of that class asked me to come and talk to them about how to prepare for the teenage years that will come. Well, since they are about to study Piper's Don't Waste Your Life I thought I would call it "How to Help Your Kids Not Waste Their Lives."

Below are the ten strategies in very brief form.

1. Romans 11:36

2. “God is the Gospel”

3. “All of Grace”

4. Go Hard After God

5. Prioritize

6. 21st century American values – cool, silly, sexy, funny

7. Make room for God in your driveway

8. Give them “A Chance to Die”

9. Teach them to say “NO” to more than sin

10. Reject the American Dream for their good and the glory of Christ

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Emma Caroline's God is So Big

Me and EC sing this alomst everynight before she goes to sleep....errrr, bed.

Go here for more Redmond kid videos.

Enthusiastic About Baptism?

(HT: Girltalk and JT)