Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thoughts on Worship, Part 3

The Scene: The year is 5 AD and we find oursleves in the Temple on a lovely Saturday morning just as the Psalm leader steps into view...

Psalm Leader: Please sing Psalm 136.

Circumcised man #1: (frustratingly) Oh no! Not that one!

Circumcised man #2: What, you don't like this one? Is it too long?

Circumcised man #1: No, no...that isn't it. This is one of those newer Psalms, I think.

Circumcised man #2: Why are you getting so worked up (laughs at the pun) about a new Psalm?

Circumcised man #1: Well, this is one of those, what I like to call, "6x26" Psalms. (Smiling at his own wit) You get it, you sing the same 6 words, over and over, 26 times!

Circumcised man # 2: What is so bad about that?

Circumcised man #1: It is so mindnumbingly simple, What is deep and profouond about singing, 'for his steadfast love endures forever' over and over and over again?

Circumcised man #2: I don't know...I kinda like it. I can always remember the words! I think its kinda cool actually.

Circumcised man #1: You would.

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J. Head said...

Matt, our pastor Harry Reeder, has been preaching on worship. I don't know if you have caught any of it, but last Sunday morning's sermon was incredible...