Saturday, February 18, 2006

Home Again

After all tests coming back negative we have, after five days in the hospital, returned home. We are more than thankful for the high-quality of care and concern over Knox at Children's Hospital in Jackson but it is good to be home again. Knox has now gone over 4 days without an Apneic episode. This is of course a good sign. If he has not already grown out of this apnea, he most likely will in the next few months. For precaution's sake (and our sanity) he wears a heart monitor at night. But aside from having what is most likely Apnea he is very healthy. Believe it or not the only time he did not sleep last night was when he was being fed. So all of us slept well last night. Neither Bethany nor myself feels we are completely recovered from lack of sleep but we are on the way to functionality. By yesterday we were both feeling the effects emotionally and physically. Regardless, we are thankful to a Sovereign God who gives and takes away. He is our sole hope for our family. Regardless of our reasons for suffering and the extent to which we suffer we are thankful for all God gives, whether it is tragedy or health. Our prayer is that the glory of the Giver would not be obstructed by the beauty of the gift.

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