Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weekly Plan for WYM 2006

I am not myself
I am rarely this organized. As a matter of fact my default mode for schedules is to resist all future planning. I do this mainly because when it comes schedules and keeping them I am more often than not, a failure. So why a schedule for this year?
  1. I wanted something to tell the Pastor and the Session of the Church. I felt obligated to some degree. I wanted to be able to say, "this is what we are doing for the year...what do you think?"
  2. There are a lot of things that I often want to cover but rarely if ever remember to cover them. The schedule was born of me making a list as I thought of things that I felt needed to be covered. So now they are going to be covered.
  3. Simply put, it keeps me accountable to the kids. They are always asking me what we are talking about on Sunday PM. I wanted to be able to tell them, "hey, if you want questions answered about the Bible, in the fall we will hit that hard for two months."
  4. Parents need to know whats coming also. I am their partner in discipleship.

Teaching Schedule for Westminster Youth Ministries for 2006

Sunday School
Junior High – Denominational Material
Senior High – “You’ve Got Issues”

Sunday Evening
January – Missions
February – Learn to Discern
March – Evolution v. Creation
April – Evolution v. Creation
May – Learn to Discern
June – Denominational Differences
July – Denominational Differences
August – Learn to Discern
September – The Bible
October – The Bible
November – Learn to Discern
December – Miscellaneous

Wednesday Evening

I will be explaining the rationale for each of the time periods in the following three posts.

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