Monday, August 25, 2008

What I am Listening To

There are two ways I discover new music. I have a subscription to Paste Magazine and a subscription to emuisc. I got my newest issue of Paste late last week and I get my 30 downloads for the month from emusic on the 25th, which was yesterday. So because of these 2 means I have been listening to...

Greg Laswell's album Three Flights from Alto Nido is really good. I have not listened to it alot yet but his voice and some of the sounds remind me of Chris Martin and Coldplay.

Jars of Clay's new EP Closer is incredible and has made me want to listen closely to all the other albums since their first. The song Closer is absolutley beautiful and I could not help but be reminded of Joy Division.

Adele's 19 is just plain gorgeous.

I think before it is over I will really like Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full. He is after my favorite Beatle.

The Myriad's With Arrows, With Poise is amazing from beginning to end. It has some great melodies that are oh so modern with all the reasons we loved some of the brit bands in the 80's.

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