Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Breathes Life into the McCain Campaign

So far I have nothing but reasons to like Palin. It really was brilliant for McCain to choose her and actually bolsters my confidence in him. It is just brilliant on so many levels.

She is pro-life. When her and her husband found out their son was going to be born with an extra chromosome and therefore have Down Syndrome they didn't ask the question "why us?" Their question was "why not us?"

She is a mom who has a son serving in the US Army. She is the direct opposite of disgruntled moms who have sons serving. She is proud of her son's sacrifice. And she places all her confidence in McCain who has unflinchingly supported the troops and the war in Iraq. She has a real vested interest in the decisions made regarding the military. She is also the commander of the Alaska National Guard as the Governor of that state.

She is after all a woman. And this will certainly concern the Democrats who are supposedly the party that cares about the advancement of women. I think alot of women will take stock of what happned when Hillary was not chosen in favor of a man with hardly any credentials to speak of.

Lastly, the timing of the announcement was superb. No one was talking about Obama's weak speech on Thursday evening. Many were only talking about how it had virtually been forgotten.

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