Saturday, August 16, 2008

From PCA to SBC: Part 3

I apologize that is has been so long between posts (part 1, part 2) on this subject but I have never been so busy in my life and the blog has taken a backseat.

Someone may ask, "what does the Sabbath question have to do with Baptism"? Well, for me a lot! About a year after I got conviction and clarity on the Sabbath I started thinking about Baptism. I had grown up in the SBC but after college left the SBC and joined a PCA church. Although, I never was able to buy the arguments for infant baptism, I loved the PCA as a denomination enough and felt comfortable enough among them to actually go to their Seminary. While I was there, my love for the PCA increased. And into my second year, I bought into the argument for infant baptism. I say "bought into" not as a pejorative about the belief that we should baptize our children as infants. Actually any pejorative implication should be directed at me. To be completely honest, I began to love the PCA so much that I wanted to believe in paedobaptism. So, I looked for reasons to believe...and I found them.

What were thsoe reasons?

1. There really is a beautiful logic to the theology behind paedobaptism. I love theology and doctrine and the deeper I go, the more I happy I can be. Paedobaptism goes very deep and so I enjoyed the depth of the arguments.

2. I liked the storyline behind paedobaptism. The argument of "one covenant" with two administrations and the picture of baptism being for the new administration what circumcision was for the old was attractive to a guy who longed to have children and have them enjoy all that comes with being part of the "covenant community."

3. There was just enough ambiguity in Scripture to help me along.

4. The patience of those professors and friends who discussed these matters with me were a huge apologetic to me. they admitted there was a lot of ambiguity and good arguments for both sides.

I am not proud of my attitude at that time. But it sure made my life easier to simply stay in the PCA and enjoy the "home" we loved.

So back to a little over a year ago...I had to reckon with my own lack of conviction just as I had with the Sabbath issue. So I decided I must study the issue further and that was when I set out on a 6 month adventure of reading and discussing baptism.

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