Thursday, June 05, 2008

Th Move to Wichita, Part 1

Well, it has been quite an adventure moving from greenwood, MS. to Wichita, KS. Moving is always a hard thing if all goes smoothly. We are leaving behind some amazing friends and and a youth ministry that is dear to my heart and full of friends who will always be in my thoughts and prayers. So it was an emotional time aready. Plus we are moving further away from our hometown, Birmingham and our family. It was simply a difficult move for a number of reasons.

Enter Ultimate Van Lines. This moving company took what was a difficult and did their darndest to make it hell for us. Below is a list of all our grievances against them.

1. They were supposed to show up on Friday morning. They did not show up till Saturday afternoon. We were counting on it being done by then and just enjoy fellowship with our friends for the rest of the day and then get up early and head for the Plains.

2. We were told that they would be at our house by noon on friday and then when they did not show up by 1:30 we called and were told it would be closer till 6. When they once again did not show up we called and could not reach anyone. Someone finally called us on Saturday morning at around 10 am telling us they would be there in a couple of hours. At 1:30 pm they finally showed up. Yes, your calculations are correct that is over 24 hours later than our contract stated.

3. We were told that a big crew was coming who would not the job out quickly. When they finally showed up, it was 2 men with a full truck. Oh yes, more were coming! They showed up around 9 that night.

4. When they left to go get a hotel room, they told us they would be back at 8 am on Sunday morning. When did they show up? 9 am.

5. Also, they were not Ultimate Van Lines. They were a smaller company contracted out for Ultimate Van Lines. They were not going to accept our method of payment. So I spent all of Sunday and Monday talking with both companies about how to pay for this train wreck of a move.

6. We were not able to leave Greenwood till 10 am. and the movers were still not done. We thankfully had a great frind to stay and supervise the movers till they finished at 2:45.

7. We were told the movers would unload our stuff on Monday morning in Wichita. Guess again!!! they did not show up till 6 pm on Monday and did not finsih unloading till 10 pm.

8. Over 2/3 of our boxes were not labled and significant amount of them were labled wrong. For example stuff that belongs in the Living room were labled Master Bedroom, etc.

9. As of yet, no one has called to apologize or to compensate us for our little trip through moving hell.

More later...

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