Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Move to Wichita: Part 2

I once again apologize for not posting much lately for my regular readers. I do not think I have ever been so busy in my life. Moving in to a new house and starting a new job have become formidable tasks. But it is all getting more managable as the house gets in order (thanks to my incredible wife) and I start to get into a groove as the Associate Pastor of Students at Metro East Baptist Church.

I am posting because there have been more developements in our adventures in moving. As I pointed out in my previous post, Ultimate Van Lines is the company who we used to move us. They did a terrible job.

So last weeek I called them to try and talk to someone about this. I left a message on Thursday. No one ever called me back. So I called them yesterday. It was the single most unproductive discussion with a customer service representative I have ever had. The following is a list of all the ludicrous things I heard while on the phone.

1.) "Why should I believe you"?

2.) " you want me to kill them for being late"?

3.) "The reason you could not get in touch with anyone is our phones were down."

4.) (A week later) "The reason I did not call you back is our phones were down."

5.) "If you continue to laugh at my answers I will hang up on you."

6.) "We have not broken contract untill we are more than 3 days late."

7.) "If we are more than 3 days late we will compensate you for $25."

8.)"Yes, if we are a week late we will only compensate you for $100."

9.) "Why should I trust you"?

10.) "We made a mistake in billing and now you owe us $507."

All that said, we are enjoying Wichita...especially the convenience of being near Target, Lowes, Movie Theaters and lots of restaurants. Also, the weather is incredible.

Stay tuned for more updates. Also in the next couple of weeks I will be posting on my change of convictions regarding baptism.

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