Saturday, June 23, 2007

Reading About Church and Sex

So I have been growing more and more fond of Josh Harris. He is a great preacher and makes more since than most people twice his age. I had already read his first two books, I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl. The first is the definitive book on dating for Christians. I have given away about a dozen of these. The second was born out of the courtship with his wife and the kessons learned.

This week I read two other books by him;
Stop Dating the Church and Sex is not the Problem (Lust Is).

Both are short powerful reads. Both are full of common sense and more biblical wisdom than is found in the majority of books twice their size. Gospel centered and Christ-exalting neither falls into the trap of legalism or license on these two issues. They will lay open your life before you in all its horror and and the gospel in all its beauty.

Therefore I commend then to you all his books and

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