Monday, June 25, 2007

Piper Books for $5!!!

I keep going back to this post just to make sure I did not dream this up. But it is true. If you buy online you can buy any and all and as many books by John Piper as you want. Sheeeeesh.

My recommendations?
Don't Waste Your Life
No other book has chged me as this one has. I give it away all the time so I plan on buying 10 to 20 copies of this book.

God is the Gospel
This book answers the seminal question of why we should believe the
gospel is "good news." Why? Because we get God, reconciliation with the glorious God of the universe.

Desiring God
A must-have if only because it started it all for the revolution of Christian Hedonism.

Let the Nations Be Glad!
The definitive work on Missions. "Missions exists because
worship does not."

The Pleasures of God
Nothing like it in any bookstore anywhere. A book to make you
exult in the God-centeredness of God.

Brothers, We Are Not Professionals
No other book on the ministry is more valuable to me than this book.

The Supremacy of God in Preaching
All preaching should be judged by the standard of the message in the God-centered, Christ-exalting work.

A Godward Life
My favorite devotional work.

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The O'Brien Family said...

What about books by his wife????
Have you read the book about treasuring God in our traditions she wrote??? Is that a good read?