Friday, April 06, 2007

If Only They Knew Him

On Dr. Veith's blog he tells his readers about how he hates "Awesome God" by Rich Mullins. And then he asks others to talk about their most hated song. And so the comment section is full of people discussing "praise songs" they hate and discussing their distaste for "Awesome God" also. Now Justin Taylor has linked it widening the discussion.

Whether or not someone likes the song "Awesome God" or not (I don't really like it all that much) there should be enough respect for a man like Rich Mullins (1955 - 1997) to hold your tongue. I still think all this talk about aesthetic standards can be helpful if it is not mixed with ridicule and the songs are not laughed at. If it is a serious enough issue to discuss publicly and to be specific about then perhaps we should use a serious tone. This was decidedly not the tone in the first 5 or 6 comments on Veith's blog. It seemed like Rich's song and others were the butt of a joke.

If you want to learn more about Rich Mullins, watch the following clips taken from a video about Rich after he was killed in a car wreck. It's called Homeless Man.

Homeless Man Part 1

Homeless Man Part 2

Homeless Man Part 3a

Homeless Man Part 3b

Homeless Man Part 4

Homeless Man Part 5

Homeless Man Part 6

There are also a number of videos on YouTube with Rich performing in concert.

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