Sunday, April 08, 2007

China Soul

I heard John Piper the other day talk about a 4 hour documentary about the Christians in China that was put out by a group called China Soul.

The video is entitled, The Cross - Jesus in China, which is just like the Chinese Christians to give it such a title. It costs $15.00 and that includes shipping and it will get to you within 3 days.

I have only watched the first two hours but I am astounded and rebuked, encouraged and brought low. They have a joy in the midst of suffering which I am amazed at seeing.

If I am not mistaken I think you can watch this video on the

The following is their Purpose, Mission and Commitment.

Purpose: With Jesus Christ as our focus, the spread of gospel as our purpose, modern media as the tool, videos and literature of high quality and wide horizons as the pursuit, our commitment is to influence people's hearts and to awaken their souls.

Mission: Let vision be transformed into pictures. Let God's light shine upon China, the Land of God. Let history become truthful records.

Commitment: With the earnestness of loving God and compatriots, we commit and dedicate ourselves to evangelistic mission. We are coworkers of the same ministry in one accord, and spiritual companions to edify one another as well. We are fellow-passengers along the heavenly road, sharing the happiness and afflictions. Each of us, with a prayerful heart as well as God's grace, is devoted to perform our respective duties to glorify God and benefit people in our lives and ministry.

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