Monday, November 06, 2006

Why Vote If You Are Disillusioned?

This is a pretty good article by Piper giving reasons to vote even if you are disillusioned with the candidates.

However, I will say this is one of the few times I will disagree with Piper on something. And I take no pleasure in it. You see, I do not buy the "argument" or charge that President Bush is arrogant. I disagree with this assessment for a few reasons.

1. First, a personal one. I was recently called arrogant buy a group of men because of my steadfast confidence on an issue in the denomination I serve in. No reason was given save my demeanor, I "came across that way." Hogwash. I thought I was right and they thought they were right. So of course, I, the youngest in the room at 34 and in the minority was seen as the arrogant. So I no longer will trade in the marketplace of ideas with such accusations. They are pretty mush irrelevant and penny-anty.

2. Mush is said about Bush's swagger and confidence. The same kinds of things were said about Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, and Churchill. This is not to mention Luther, Calvin, et al. Men of prominence are almost always shot with this verbal projectile. It doesn't kill them it just colors them and diverts discussions and debates about reality which can actually be and must be reckoned with.

3. My guess is Bush is much more humble than most can imagine. Or should I say, unsure of himself. My guess is he is the very opposite of myself. I am terrible and come across awkward in small groups and and in private conversation. I then over-compensate and treat the situatio as if I am talking to a big group. You see, in private casual conversation I stutter terribly. But I never do when I am in teaching mode. Never. So, guess which I prefer? I prefer situations where I am in charge and instructing people.

4. Arrogance makes demands and Bush does so much pleading it is hard for me to call him arrogant.

5. Why call Bush arrogant when his detractors are Pelosi, Kennedy (Mary Jo Kepechne has no comment), Kerry, Chavez, Michael Moore and the rest of the liberal cultural elites? Arrogance manifests itself in the policies of liberals who think they should raise your taxes because they know better how to spend your money. It is also manifest in partial birth abortion and gay marriage ammendments. To talk about demeanor and swagger is misguided if well-meaning.

To be honest, I love Piper so much more than Bush that I cannot stand disagreeing with him on this issue. But I feel compelled. Feel free to call me arrogant.

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