Thursday, April 20, 2006

Witness, the autobiography of Whittaker Chambers

Why would a youth pastor read Witness?

"I know that he (Chambers' son) and all his generation may soon bear witness of a kind before which every other shrinks in humility; and I want him to have a standard as simple as stepping into the dark and raising his eyes whereby to measure what he is and what he is not against the order of reality. I want him to see for himself upon the scale of the universes that God, the soul, faith, are not simple matters, and that no easy or ingenuous view of them is possible. I want him to remember that God Who is a God of Love is also the God of a world that includes the atom bomb and virus, the minds that contrived and use or those that suffer them; and that the problem of good and evil is not more simple than the immensity of worlds. I want him to understand that evil is not something that can be condescended to, waved aside or smiled away, for it is not merely an uninvited guest but lies collided in foro interno at home with good within ourselves. Evil can only be fought." (797-798)

The quote is meaningful by itself. But oh how much more so if you take the time to read the 796 pages previous.

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