Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Walk the Line

My wife and I just watched Walk the Line last night.

Let me first say that the acting was superb. I cannot get over it. Both Joaquin and Reese were amazing. I cannot say enough about how I really bought that they were Cash and Carter. The film was also visually appealing and the production was more than good.

All that said, the story was more than a little tragic. I cannot get over how I have read nothing about how the moviegoer is supposed to be pleased that June and Johnny finally get together. It is almost as if, nothing else really mattered. Sure they were “bad things” but nothing so bad as to worry about once you get cleaned up.

To be honest the only reason for liking this story is that we, the fans get really good music because both Johnny and June were rid of their spouses. In fact, I thought I would enjoy his music more after watching the movie, I actually have less love toward his music than before.

Man was I disappointed. I know I lose cool points for this one.

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