Saturday, April 22, 2006

An Absolute Tragedy

This is an absolute tragedy. It is one thing to heckle the president of a free nation. But how dare a Chinese Dissident reporter cry out to a Communist dictator? This is a certain mistake for Bush. Why not jsut say to Dictator Hu, "Welcome to the land of Freedom of Speech"? Instead we are treating her as if she is a Chinese China. By acting as if this is a big deal, the Bush administration can only embolden those who love to squash the specch of others. This is a tragedy.


krystal kay Lyon said...

I am completely in the dark, what is this all about? Send me back a comment. PS... I posted some pictures of the Lakemont youthees on my blog, from AGAPE spring project.
Hope you are great! Give Bethany a big hug from me.
Love Krys-ta-vegas
PS... Sam still calls me that in every letter he writes, thank you very much. :o)

m b redmond said...


By the the heck are you? Well, what happened was the President of China was speaking in the Rose Garden with Bush when a Chinese-American reporter yelled something out to him about how his days as President are numbered.

What was tragic is that she was summarily arrested. This is tragic because China is a Communist country that highly restricts speech through threats of and implementation of torture, imprisonment and killing.

Bush should have "amen"ed her. Instead he did exactly what President Hu would have wanted. She was charged with a crime.

krystal kay Lyon said...

Matt I had no clue. When did this happen? Well free speech in this country is up in the air sometimes. It just depends on whether it helps you or not.

Things are well, I loved Niger, I honestly felt quite at home. Although the Compound at Galmi is like a resort when you compare it to the neighboring village.

We are getting ready for the summer. Ryan is taking a few from the church to Uganda, and I am going with about 8 kids and many adults to Haiti again. My brother Joseph is going with us, I am thrilled. And my brother William is interning for 1st Pres. This summer as a middle school youth intern. God is so good.

THere is so much to say, too much for a blog comment. I need to give you a call to tell you more about Africa, and future plans.

Much love,

Anna said...

hey matt! sorry about all the lack of calling. I just got your email that told me to call on friday today, which is monday. I don't know why that happened. Im going to make an effort to call this week until I get a hold of you!
Christ or else I die, anna