Thursday, October 01, 2009


Today, the majority of the church body I serve will receive in their mailboxes a letter announcing my resignation. This day has been a long time coming. I have looked forward to it and dreaded it in the same moments. Sorrowful but rejoicing.

Most will understand the sorrow and wonder at the rejoicing.

The sorrow comes from leaving friends, leaving off developing relationships with these students, knowing we will miss Wichita and an indescribable feeling of failing to some degree.

The rejoicing stems from moving home where friends and family await us, church planting in a city we love and doing what has been a blurry dream for so long. We also long to see God move in the hearts of people - people who have been changed by a radical gospel of grace. The kind of grace that saved a wretch like me and sets men on fire for the glory of God and the good of their families. A gospel of grace which sets men and women free from the slavery of the American Dream.

Pray for us. We need it.


Chuck Thomas said...

Wow, Matt. I certainly did not see this coming from your posts here or your status updates at facebook. May God bless those who you care for in ICT and your church planting efforts in AL.

Jane Gray Bledsoe said...

Matt, please know we are praying for your family. We think about y'all often.
jane gray and allan

Chuck Thomas said...

After several hours of reflection, and thinking back over the last several months, I can add a few pieces together and get "church plant". First there were lots of status updates on facebook consisting of lots of "meetings" with people during your vacation in B'ham. And then the voracious consumption of "Deep Church" in an evening few weeks ago. Never dawned on me at the time, but now I see where those might have been going.

I am excited for you Matt.

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