Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Love the PCA But...

This video totally creeped me out.

HT: imonk

Update: Here are some of my thoughts...

1. It is a beautiful structure.

2. In the comment section on imonk's blog all those who justify this kind of building never use the Bible to do so.

3. What justification is used is an appeal to the importance of the arts and the artistic gifts of the community of faith.

4. People keep talking about "reverence" and how "holy" places like this are. Which is weird because I thought the veil was torn and now such ideas were gone with the Old Covenant.

5. I find it amazing how many people complained about the look of many modern-looking churches even though the NT is stunningly silent on an issue.

6. It is impossible for me to think about this without thinking about this.


Chuck Thomas said...

I'll reserve comment on their sanctuary apart from saying that for its apparent size on the outside and the length of time they say they took to complete it, it did not appear to seat that many people, judging by the number of people shown at what was perhaps their first worship service in the new building.

Went to their website and couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at an upcoming Wed. evening event titled "Catfish and Calvinism...A time to fellowship and remember who we are historically and why we believe what we believe." Read in a certain way you might conclude that they believe they trace their origins to bottom-feeding fish, but they now proudly practice Reformed theology.

Nobanno said...

The Old Testament of Jews was the Bible of the Christians and it was its prophecies that resort was often made to, so as to justify the mission of Jesus.
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