Friday, August 14, 2009

A Few Thoughts on Tattoos

1. I can find nothing wrong, biblically speaking, with tattoos. However, right and wrong- according to a list-are no longer the litmus test to whether a thing should be done. The question is now, "Will God be glorified?"

2. The tattoo (in America) is purely a matter of vanity. In other words, it starts and ends there. It serves no real function besides, "look at this." I am sure you will figure out an exception but this will truly be a time where the unique exception will prove the rule. Did the desire for something so permanent start with thoughts of God and his greatness?

3. The objection to my 2nd thought will be, "So are clothes and makeup!" To which I reply, clothes at their most basic serve a function primarily. They cover the body. And you can change your clothes...everyday.

4. What if at some point you decide you have a made a mistake and want a change? What if you regret the decision at some point in your life? I assume many for years must find themselves in the difficulty of talking themselves (and maybe others) into how much they approve of their decision and how much they like what they have tattooed on their body.

5. I cannot but help think the tattoo is the falling off on the other side of the fence? The alternate side? Plastic surgery. The difference is simply one of cultural taste. One might desire to be edgy and cool. The other might have the desire to look like a desperate housewife. If the desire is not the glory of God, then perhaps it should have been thought better of.

6. Is there any real difference between the bible verse tattoo and the tie with a bible verse bought at the local Christian bookstore?

My above thoughts are not in their entirety fixed. I may need to be corrected on some thoughts. I have no desire to judge but I am asked this question a lot. And before you ask for my cool card, I listen to Rosemary Clooney, read Jane Austen, have never seen Boondock Saints and like cheap coffee.


Mike Ruel said...

Interesting post, and actually one I have been pondering a lot one who has 5 tatts. One pre-savlation and 4 post. At first they were a passionate way to display my new faith - they all have Christian "reasoning" behind them.

Now, years later - I look at them, and the most common thought I have is "I can't find anything Biblically wrong with them, but would I get any more? Probably not. Do I regret getting them somedays when I really don't want them to show? Possibly/maybe/most likely."

The thing with tatts is that we mature, we grow...but the tatts stay.

Something worth a good long ponder before setting ink to skin...especially if it's going to be visible.

Just thoughts from someone who has been there.


Matthew Birch said...

I am one of the exceptions, I actually got my tattoos because I just love art and not for any other reason but what I didn't think of before I got them was other people would think they are cool and how uncomfortable I would be when they would come up to me and say "those are cool" especially in church. I am a Christian and I hate that my tattoos are the first thing people see in me instead of a life lived for Christ. If I could do it all over again I wouldn't. Anything that makes you look like God isn't your first love shouldn't be messed with even though I have "Christian tattoos" they still point more to ME than to Christ.

My two cents.

Kristin said...

I like what all of you have had to say. I'm a Christian and I have two tattoos. One of them is related to Christianity and I've actually had an unbeliever ask me about it and it was used as a tool to share the Gospel. One of my tattoos I did get for vain reasons and I do regret that one sometimes, but the other one reflects something the Lord has written on my heart and so I didn't mind having it written on my body. It is also a combination of many cultures that I love.


Carrie said...

So glad I found this site. I'm considering a tattoo on my ankle that says "I will walk by Faith." I'm a Christian but think the desire for a tat is more of a mid-life crisis. Rebellion at the age of 48. Anyway, the comments have given me something to think about.


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