Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Culture Making

Last week I picked up Culture Making by Andy Crouch after reading a review by Sean Michael Lucas.  I read the introduction fairly soon after buying it but I only really got into the first chapter last night because I wanted to finish another book I had been reading before going to sleep at night.

So like I said, I read the first chapter last night and it really blew me away.  My body was sore and tired after a run and then DCF but I could not put it down, only forcing myself after finishing the first chapter.

I have been enjoying reading a fellow blogger's comments and quotes as he reads through Total Church so I have decided to do the same with this book.  I hope it will drum up discussion from my 5 readers (none of which is my mom btw).

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JDunn said...


I think you are mistaken about your number of readers...I just very rarely comment :)