Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Culture Making Quote from Chapter 1

"... creativity cannot exist without order - a structure within which creation can happen.  On a cosmic level the extraordinary profusion of species could never survive if the world were an undifferentiated soup of elements.  This is true of human creativity too.  Without the darkened box of a theater, films would lose their compelling power.  Without the lines and spaces that make up written English, this book would be a soup of letters.  Creativity requires cosmos - it requires an ordered environment.
So in a way the Creator's greatest gift to his creation is the gift of structure - not a structure which locks the world, let alone the Creator himself, into mechanical repetition, but a  structure which provides freedom.  And those who are made in his image will also be both creators and rulers.  They will have a unique capacity to create - perhaps not to call something out of nothing in quite the way that God does in Genesis 1:1, but to reshape what exists into something genuinely new." (Culture Making, 22)  

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