Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I have Been Reading "Girl Talk"

Yeah, so I admit it. I am no the manliest of men. My favorite novelist is Jane Austen (I have read all of her novels multiple times). And I am reading now reading a Girl Talk by Carolyn Mahaney and her daughter Nicole Mahaney Whitacre. The book is for moms and daughters. I am neither of which. So. But it is a a radical call to Biblical Womanhood and that I love to read about.

I wanted to post what I found to be a helpful set of questions as regards "true beauty" which comes from pages 134 and 135.

1. Do I spend more time each day caring for my personal appearance than I do in Bible Study, prayer and worship?

2. Do I spend excessive money on clothes, hair, and makeup, or is it an amount that is God-honoring?

3. Do i want to lose weight to "feel better about myself," or do I desire to be self-disciplined for the glory of God?

4. Am I on a quest for thinness to impress others, or do I seek to cultivate eating habits that honor God?

5. Do I exercise to try to create or maintain a good figure, or do I exercise to strengthen my body for God's service?

6. Is there anything about my appearance that i wish I could change, or am I grateful to God for the way he created me?

7. Am I jealous of the appearance of other girls, or am I truly glad when I observe girls who are more physically attractive than I?

8. Do I covet the wardrobe of others, or do I genuinely rejoice when other girls are able to afford and purchase new clothing?

9. When i attend an activity, do I sinfully compare myself with others, or do I ask God to show me whom to love and how to do it?

10. Do I ever dress immodestly or with the intent of drawing attention to myself, or do I always dress in a manner that pleases God?

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