Friday, August 03, 2007

Eccentric Preachers

I just finished a small book by Spurgeon entitled Eccentric Preachers. Having just finished, I cannot tell you how it has affected me entirely. But I can say it has had a couple of effects as I was reading it.

1. It has confirmed what I knew in my heart and from the Biblical witness about preachers. Preachers ought to be themselves and not try to be someone else. Our environment and the preachers we hear will have an influence on us naturally. But the goal is not imitation but making sure the Gospel is heard and the glory of God in it is protrayed.

2. My criticisms of preachers are very often wrong. My chief concern should be that a preacher give his hearers the gospel meat to chew on. Is the gospel clearly preached? Are the hearers pressed to conviction? If I can say "yes" then I should be glad and rejoice that His name has been exalted and the cross lifted up and the glory of Christ displayed.

You can read this book online for free here.

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