Saturday, January 06, 2007

What I Am Listening To

I have not been posting much in the last couple of weeks due to the holidays and the fact that a vicious cold has run through my whole family. But I am now back in the blogosphere...
Here is what I have been listening to along with highlights and recommendations...

I know I am late to the party but i just discovered Jeremy Camp via his new album, Beyond Measure. Bethany and I are pretty much litenting to him all the time. great lyrics, infectious melodies and passionate vocals have wooed me into buying all his studio albums in the past month (I got lots of itunes gift cards for xmas.). Granted this is fairly mainstream in the CCM market. but the Godward-ness of his lyrics and the crunchy guitars make it impossible for me to resist.

The Highlights are Tonight, What it Means, Beyond Measure, Let it Fade, It Feels Like and Give Me Jesus.

This cd is full of a thousand memories and so many of them include my best friend, Head. I cannot help but think about seeing them live in concert at Cathedral of the Cross on Roebuck Parkway in Birmingham. It was a lock-in I believe and we were blown away with how good they were. I am not sure we had heard any Christian music like this...we thought Petra was cutting edge. I also have a ton of memories of listening to this in either my car or Head's Pontiac Firenza...I at least I think that is what kind of car it was. And I want to say we met them at the Christian bookstore over at the Festival Center but I cannot remember for certain. In my opinion this their best. The highlights are Little Red Words, Mr. Hitler, Dylan's I Believe In You, Further Up and Further In and I'm a Little World. They were so far ahead of their time. Now broken up, they are no longer a band. To get this out of print, you must look on ebay or it cost me only 6 bucks to replace my copy.

When You are There by Ashley Cleveland I bought it as a used cassette because the Christian bookstore was sold out. I loved this album. Ever since I got an ipod I have been waiting for it to be available from itunes. Finally it was made available I cannot stop listenting to it. I am not the only one who thought it was pretty good. She won a grammy for this one. And it is a rocking disc.

Highlights: Gimmee Shelter (live), Soon and Very Soon/Big Town (live), Lucky Never Had it So Good (live)

The Best for last? Just Maybe. I just spent $35 to replace this baby. It got lost in the black hole of college. I do not think I have lostened to it about 10 years. One listen and I knew I had ripped the guy off who had sold this to me for a measley $35. The greatest tragedy in pop music is the fact the 77s have never gotten popular. They have been making unforgettable melodies for over 25 years. Lots of great memories contained on this one. I almost cried when I put it on the other night for the first time in about 10 years. Real tears.

Every song is a visit to the town of Nostalgia. But the Highlights are undoubtedly...MT, Don't This Way, God Sends Quails, Love Without Dreams, Do It For Love, The Lust, the Flesh and the Pride of Life and Pearls before Swine ("Tamar Babe!")

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Adam Tisdale said...

Whoaaa! The Jacob's Trouble and 77's album covers are a blast from the past. I remember driving to Athens, while I still in high school, to go see Jacob's Trouble. Hope you are well.