Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Newest Purchase

I spent all the book money my church gives me for study materials, etc. on Logos' Scholar's Library software.

If you are looking for some Bible software, I strongly recommend Logos. They have many different packages depending on how deep you want to go. For those with no facility with the origainal languages there are some nice options for you also. It is easy to use from the get-go. While I look forward to learning about it through the video tutorial, I am already satisfied with the project. I am constantly stumbling upon new things it can do.

My assumption was that this software would reduce my prep time for Bible Study and the occassional sermon. But it gives you so many things to work with and learn the time is not really reduced. However, the fact that I do not have to search through books for enlightenment on a passage or subject stremlines the whole process. So I accomplish about twice as much in the same amount of time. Also, the entire process of studying is made more enjoyable. I will never be able to go back...
I was able to purchase mine for $470 from Family Christian Stores. This is a significant discount off of the price shown on the website, $630.


Mark said...

I just purchased Logos as well. I have been watching for UPS all day!

-Great to read you blog, keep it up.

-Mark Jicinsky

m b redmond said...


good to hear from you...I am already seeking out a specialist who deals with those who are addicted to their Bible software...I wake up each morning in the fetal position after going over five hours with no interaction through word and topic searches...