Sunday, August 27, 2006

William Joseph Wik: Husband

Not many were able to bury their loved ones who died at the WTC on 9/11. William Wik's wife was one of the few. Considering the circumstances, you cannot blame her for feeling as if she received a gift when she buried her beloved husband and the father of their three children.

Before his funeral she said her goodbyes to him and reached out to touch a tatoo he kept hidden under long-sleeve shirts. What was once a youthful indiscretion has now become an icon for his wife, Kathleen. Whether she has done so or not I am unsure but she at one time planned on getting a similar tatoo as a reminder.

"Kathy, I have a lot of people to deal with here."

William saw the first plane hit the the north tower while in a meeting on the 92nd floor of the south tower. When he called his wife, he was emphatically told to get out. Hi response was, "I have a lot of people to deal with here." Katleen says she was not surprised.

In a world shot through with selfishness and comfort-seeking hollow men I am refreshed to hear the story of William Wik. Would I get out immediately? Would I seek after my own comfort? Would I want to stay and help? Would I risk anything at the price of my own skin?

I hope so.

Courage is a rare thing. Sure we plenty of strength, born of hours at the gym. But is strength born of courage something men, young and old aspire to?

More to come...

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