Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2,996: A Tribute to 9/11 Victims

Name: William J. Wik
Age: 44
Killed at: World Trade Center
From country: USA
From city: Crestwood
From state: N.Y.

Mr. Wik is the victim of 9/11 that I have the privilege to commemorate in the lead up to the 5 year anniversary. May I do him justice and not show any disrespect to his family or his memory.

I will every couple days write some reflection on this tragic event and Mr. Wik.

I just do not want to forget that day.

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krystal kay Lyon said...

Hey there buddy, did you see the movie, world trade center, I highly recommend. It helps you not forget, and remember why we went to war in the middle east in the first place.