Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Beatles Songwriting Academy

There are a lot of good blogs out there. But They are not always easy to find. And it seems that most Christians are blogging like me - for other believers. And doing so on only "spiritual themes."

I mean, this is fine, but I love The Beatles.

Enter The Beatles Songwriting Academy. Matt Blick is spending his Sabbatical year off from leading the bands at his church to blog through the music pf The Beatles. How epic tis that for a Beatles fan? And he writes not only as a fan of music but as a musician who understands all the details that go into songwriting.

Half the time I'm lost, as I am not a musician. Chord progressions? But I am still fascinated just the same.

This post may seem like a detour for me. But not only have I enjoyed getting to know Matt a little (through Twitter) but I appreciate what he is doing. And not only because I am a Beatles fan. Whether you are a Beatles fan or not, there is a reason they continue to be so popular. They were great songwriters. Created in the image of God, all four of them reflected that creativity by making extraordinary music listened to the world over.

I cannot remember the last time I recommended a blog to anyone on my blog, so that should tell you something.


Matt Blick said...

Hey Matt

Thanks for putting me on the map (or at least way up in the google search!)

Thought you might like the interview I did with Mark Altrogge of Sovereign Grace on how the Beatles have influenced him.

you can read it here and here

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