Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 Reasons To Love Legalism

1. Legalism gives you the illusion of control. You can control your status before God simply by doing certain acts of righteousness and not doing others. It is like some crazy point system that you can keep up with so you can be absolutely sure when your head hits the pillow - after 3 hours of prayer, no TV and walking around town looking for little old ladies to help across the street - that you are in fact OK before God. Phew.

2. Legalism controls others. This is especially helpful for those who teach and are in ministry. Whereas a relentless message of assurance for believers and good news for unbelievers tends to free people to do God only knows what once they leave the meeting/service/retreat/camp; Legalism binds them to the law for their acceptance before a perfectly holy God who would never let such vile sinners (like those sitting before you) into his gloriously holy presence. Did I mention that He is holy - Holy, Holy Holy - and you are not?

3. Legalism helps you look awesome before others. Because you are working hard to be acceptable before God - and who does not like a hard worker as opposed to a person who simply rests in the finished work of Someone Else. It sounds oh so self-deprecating and humble. Who can resist?

What are some other reasons to love Legalism?


Southern Cheesehead said...

Legalism helps you deceive yourself which is sometimes easier than facing the truth.

I grew up this way...grateful EVERY DAY that the Lord delivered me years ago from the bondage of legalism.

Nick and Rosemary said...

Great post. I would add this:

If you succeed at keeping the rules, then legalism makes you feel that you are better than others.
It says that there are good people and there are bad people - and you are a good person! Of course God loves everyone, but he certainly LIKES you more than those other jerks!

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