Monday, February 01, 2010

There Is No Prophetic Voice Speaking Into the Sports Culture

This past weekend I read an excellent article on the subject of Sport and Christianity. It was the cover story of Christianity Today Magazine. The main argument is that we have, as evangelicals have drunk (drank?) the Kool-Aid instead of speaking into the Sports Culture. This to me was an unusual piece and set it apart because well, you see, no one is talking about this. At all.

There is no prophetic voice speaking into the Sports Culture.

This article is a start. A good start. The problem? No one seems to be reading this article (if Twitter is any indication) and if they are, they are not talking about it. If there was an article on being missional in our culture or missions in Zambia - or especially on church planting, it would be forwarded all over the place. But Sports? Perhaps we are a little too invested to look at this closely and think deeply.

For some reason the evangelicals I know have no problem with themselves or others being so invested in a game/sport they will malign, make fun of and ridicule referees, officials, players and fans. They will curse, have ruined days and talk in moral terms regarding trades, playing time and get into violent arguments over ability and who has been hired to coach. Has anyone ever stepped back and thought, "this is weird"?

We argue on message boards, on Twitter, facebook and the radio. Argue? Really? No one is really talking about it. And do not get me started on the optional nature of church attendance and the compulsory nature of our kid's sporting endeavors. Am I guilty of all this? Yes. Without a doubt. Of course. The crazy thing though is...and this is no has ever talked to me about it. Never.

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Jacob said...

I once heard in a sermon while pointing to a church softball field, "A lot of sin goes on right there."

I couldn't agree more.

We've (un)successfully compartmentalized our lives. When will we be able to see our engagement with sports as something that gives glory to the Father?

I want to try and start to.