Thursday, November 05, 2009

50 Reasons I Look Forward to Living In the City of Birmingham...Again

We now have a move in date. We will be moving back home to Birmingham, AL. on Monday, November 16th. We are moving to plant a church in the Homewood area. And I really look forward to getting started.

But there are a lot of things I look forward to about Birmingham itself. It is my hometown and a town I have always loved. Even as a kid I thought Birmingham was a great city and would wonder why people would want to live anywhere else. It's beauty and wonder have only increased for me since we have been away for almost 10 years. Do not be surprised at the number of roads and restaurants. I used to spend a lot of time driving around Birmingham listening to Van Morrison and Bob Dylan. And I'm a foodie.

1. Family.

2. Old friends

3. The Apple Store at the Summit

5. Grant's Mill Road

7. The star over 18th Street in Homewood during the Christmas Season

8. 5 Points South

9. Homewood Park

12. Vulcan

13. The drive from the top of Red Mountain to 5 Points South overlooking the city.

14. Red Mountain

15. Oak Mountain

16. Shades Mountain

18. Montevallo Road

21. Red Mountain Expressway

22. Driving around downtown

24. Mountain Brook Village

29. Trees

30. The Regions (AmSouth) building lit up for Christmas.

31. Shades Crest Road

33. 280

34. Ruffner Mountain

36. Lakeshore Boulevard

37. Oxmoor Road

39. Old Leeds Road/Cherokee

40. Star Lake

43. Birmingham Public Library

44. The Merry Go Round at the Galleria

46. La Paz

47. The convergence of 280 and Lakeshore

49. The Cahaba River

50. When it snows/ices you have to stay home and talk about the blizzard of 1993.


The Groves said...

Love them all. But especially #50. That was a great blizzard wasn't it?!

Chris Comeaux said...

You didn't miss any restaurants that you should have, but they are some new ones you must check out: Baha Burger and Saw's BBQ being the first 2 that come to mind.

Dr Hook said...

At least the tourist need to find the Whistle Stop Cafe in Irondale and get some fried green tomatoes. I really loved the fried chicken.

Stewart Ramsay said...

I personally thing Emma Caroline mentioned #44. I was thinking of Whistle Stop Cafe but I never eat there. It was one of my favorite hangouts after dark. I used to go there and watch the trains going on and out of the train yard. I guess Fanny Flagg was more inspired by the fried green tomatoes than me. But the ones at Whistle Stop aren't served on pita bread with roasted red pepper hummus and feta cheese.

Southern Cheesehead said...

No Davenport's Pizza...I forgot to give you that in my response. 280 traffic? oh wait...that's really not something we love but have to deal with because they can't get it fixed! Don't forget orange barrels and constant construction on I-65! Seriously, we're so excited that you guys are coming home!!!!

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