Monday, April 28, 2008

Moving and Music Monday

Well, this will be my first Music on Monday post in a few weeks, I have been out of town. First I was on my way to T4G and then last Monday I was doing my last candidating visit at Metro East Baptist Church in Wichita, Kansas. Both went very well. As a matter of fact last night MEBC unanimously voted for me to be their Student Pastor.

Bethany and I are excited about the move to Wichita, a city we really like. And the people of MEBC have been nothing but great. It is a place that oozes grace and kindness. To get a feel for the place you can visit the recommended reading page and the Senior Pastor's blog.

So how does this fit in with Music on Monday? I have been listening to a lot of Waterdeep lately who was once based out of Wichita. You can find lots of free and legal bootlegs here and you can preview and download their albums for real cheap on their webpage. There is nothing on the site to stay away from, all of it is good music. Their faith in God is apparent but the lyrics never veer into cliches and sentimentality.

You want really good folk-rock, try Sink or Swim. If you like beautifully polished pop songs check out Everyone's Beautiful. And if you have a soft spot for 10 minute songs with blazing guitars, thundering drums and sweaty vocals, you need one of my favorite albums of all time, Live at the New Earth. Their newest is Heart Attack Time Machine, which is an acoustic album full of coffee-house ambiance and profound lyrics.
I have been listening to Waterdeep for about 11 years now and count them among the best of bands. Every live show was stellar. Every album worth my time. Each lyric poignant.


Samorris said...

OOOOO, yea, coming to Wicha-Wicha Wichita!

Mark J. said...

A man after my own waterdeep soaked heart. Great choice in music.


m b redmond said...


Back at Ya


Adam Tisdale said...

Congrats on your new call...why is it that I have never gotten into Waterdeep? (I am sure it is one of my many faults).