Friday, January 18, 2008

Song of the Harlot

In the night
The harlot moves across the floor
She turns the handle on the door
One hundred eyes
Seem to look right through her
Why she's there?
They're not sure
Behind her love
She falls down to her knees
Without a word
She begins to weep
And her tears
Fall down upon his feet
And she smothers them
With kisses
And she dries them
With her hair

In my life
Sorrow has kissed my lonely heart
Fear of man tears me apart
And I've tried
But many times I've loved the world
Many times I've been the whore
I've cried a million tears
Maybe more
So many times
I have been the whore
I will fall down
On my knees
I will sing"I love, my love"
I will weep"I love, my love"
I will sing
Cause I love, my love
And my tears will fall
Down upon your feet
Let me smother them
With kissesLet me dry them
With my hair
If I could be
Anyone at all
If I could be
Anyone at all
Let me be
The whore at your feet

from the violet burning

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