Friday, December 14, 2007

Missouri Southern Baptist Convention v. Acts 29

The Acts 29 Church Planting Network is now totally at odds with the MSBC. I have been reading about this story for a couple of days now. Alcohol seems to be part of the discussion even if not the whole story. Hysterically, how some of these guys dress seems to be part of the discussion in some circles. My guess is the real issue is the vision and methodology. The Acts 29 guys are wanting to men and women saved and culture engaged. The SBC seems to want the Power Team and are just fine with the "40 Days of Purpose." None of this really surprises me at all as I continue to have a "love/hate" relationship with the SBC.

The SBC has more than a few things going for it, such as Southern, Ed Stetzer and 9Marks. But I fear these will further the breach between those who care enough to think biblically and missionally so as to "save some." And those who will not.

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